Friday, September 13, 2013

Paris Eiffel Tower Birthday Cake

Last week was my sister Karen's birthday. She wanted a nice cake for her birthday but couldn't decide on the design.  She seriously is the most indecisive person ever!   Luckily,  she finally made up her mind and decided on a Paris themed cake.  The challenge on this cake was making the Eiffel Tower and making sure it stands up and not melt.  Initially I wanted to do a 3 dimensional Eiffel Tower but I was pushing my luck and the sugar paste didn't dry on time.  So I decided to make it flat and it worked. I'm glad to report that my sister was very happy with her cake and she is already thinking about her cake next year....oh boy!  I wish my not so little sister friend a happy birthday.  May you have many more birthdays, laughs and inside jokes with me and may you finally get the man of your dreams LOL....


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