Thursday, September 26, 2013

Girl Monkey Themed First Birthday

About two weeks ago I had the privilege to cater to a monkey themed first birthday.  I provided the cupcakes which were banana and vanilla flavored, cake pops and a small vanilla cake with strawberry and banana cream filling.  I loved the colors of this theme, it's bright, fun and exudes happiness.  It's been a while since I did cupcakes with a specific theme so this was exciting for me.  The toppers were made out of fondant and the faces were drawn using edible markers with the help of my husband Peter.  As always I'm glad and thankful to be able to do this project and just put a smile on people's faces. It really makes everything I do worth it.   I wish Skylee the birthday girl a very happy birthday and may God continue to bless you always! 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Cinderella Birthday Cake

I got commissioned to do a Cinderella cake for a very young birthday celebrant, Jeanine who turned 5 last week.  Her uncle Nick contacted me months ago while I was still in school and asked me to do a cake for his niece. I can sense these two have a great relationship together so it was such a pleasure making this cake.  I was actually feeling the pressure for this project, just because  I know how kids are and how detailed they can get.  Kids know their stuff  and this little girl was no exception. She knew exactly what she wanted in a very detailed fashion which made me quite nervous, so I knew I had to up my game on this one.  She requested a princess themed cake specifically Cinderella. Growing up,  Cinderella was my favorite Disney princess,  so this project was perfect.  For this cake I stayed true to Cinderella's gown colors which is baby blue.  My goal was to create a cake that is elegant and not cheesy. I see a lot of princess themed cakes that are way too busy and it looks very overwhelming.  For this cake,  I took a minimalistic approach and used a couple of cake decorating techniques, like quilting and draping.  Everything on this cake is edible and handmade.  The tiara is made out of fondant and sugar paste and painted with gold luster dust.  I also brushed the entire cake with silver luster dust to make the fondant sparkle as well.  To finish the cake, I added white sugar pearls in between the quilted pattern and small blossoms on top of the draping.  I'm really glad I was able to complete this project the way I  envisioned it to be and from what I heard from Jeanine's uncle and grandma, she loved her cake that she didn't even want to cut it! With that feedback, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I made this little girl happy.

Happy Birthday Jeanine and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Film Strip Wedding Anniversary Cake

I made this cake for my parents who recently celebrated their 37th Wedding Anniversary.  I really wanted to capture wonderful memories our family had throughout the years and that's how the idea of a film strip cake came to life.  Thank God for edible printers and my husband Peter's computer skills,  I was able to make this project happen.   I just want to wish my parents many more years to come and to thank them for raising four girls and for always supporting us 100% in everything we do.  I love you both!
Friday, September 13, 2013

Paris Eiffel Tower Birthday Cake

Last week was my sister Karen's birthday. She wanted a nice cake for her birthday but couldn't decide on the design.  She seriously is the most indecisive person ever!   Luckily,  she finally made up her mind and decided on a Paris themed cake.  The challenge on this cake was making the Eiffel Tower and making sure it stands up and not melt.  Initially I wanted to do a 3 dimensional Eiffel Tower but I was pushing my luck and the sugar paste didn't dry on time.  So I decided to make it flat and it worked. I'm glad to report that my sister was very happy with her cake and she is already thinking about her cake next year....oh boy!  I wish my not so little sister friend a happy birthday.  May you have many more birthdays, laughs and inside jokes with me and may you finally get the man of your dreams LOL....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shake Your Body Like A Belly Dancer!

Hi everyone!  Just getting back into the groove of caking and baking after a week long vacation in Mexico. I also went home with their famous Mexican vanilla so I can't wait to try it out! 
Since being back I made three cakes and barely had enough sleep (how fun!).  In all seriousness though,  I definitely enjoyed all three cake projects since the design element of each one is so different from the other.  I'm sharing one of them below.  The theme for this cake is Belly Dancing.  When I think of belly dancing what comes to mind are vibrant colors and flowy movement.  For this cake, I decided to incorporate some details of the Bedleh (Pronounced "BED luh".) which is a traditional outfit belly dancers often use to perform. The detail on this cake is fabric like and flowy to mimic that part of the costume and yes,  I used lots and lots of gold details.