Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Grand Finale!


Our final cake theme was destination weddings.  Our class couldn't really decide on the theme so to make it fair for everyone we had to pick our destinations out of a chefs hat.  I initially picked Hawaii which to be quite honest, I wasn't really too crazy about it since I already did a beach themed cake.  My classmate on the other hand picked Japan which thankfully she wasn't really too crazy about it as well.  So we decided to swap and that's how I got Japan as my destination. This final was actually very important not only because this was our last project for the program, but, we were also judged by industry professionals.  We had 3 judges, Anne Heap from the Pink Cake Box, Charlotte Neuville from The Fashion Chef and Penny Stanckiewicz from Sugar Couture.  It was definitely an added pressure to be judged by them, but at the same time it was a great chance for us to network and show them what we've learned. For my design, I decided to stay away from the traditional white wedding cake and went for the red and gold instead.  I added sugar flowers (hydrangeas and cherry blossoms) as well as gold fans for the details.  Making the flowers took me hours ! But the end result was worth it. The piping and gold bands were hand painted.  I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to finish the cake but thankfully I did,  just in time for judging.  Anne Heap provided the feedback.  She liked my design and how it really captured my destination. She also gave me tips on areas where I can improve so that was an added bonus. I'm a perfectionist and I'm my own worst critic,  but I'm actually really happy and proud of this cake.  It's very rare for me to appreciate my work because I can always see the flaws, but with this one, I'm actually very happy and content on how it turned out.  Definitely looking forward to more projects like this one and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in the cake world.


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