Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pink Chanel Quilted Handbag Cake

The chef told me, "you carved the cake too thin!"  My face turned white and I started sweating and feeling all nervous that the structure wouldn't hold up.  This cake was definitely a challenging one, since this is only my second time carving a cake. In my attempt to make the cake look like the real thing, I carved the heck out of it!  So when the chef saw what I did, boy was she nervous for me (imagine what I was feeling). 

I chose the Chanel quilted handbag as my prototype since I really like quilted textures.  This particular handbag is very skinny/thin or whatever you want to describe it in real life so I thought,  let me carve it to the exact size.  While I was building the structure of this cake, it didn't hold up at all, it kept on falling and I was getting very frustrated so I had to think really fast to find a solution to this headache.
The following were my initial plans:
1. Bake another batch of cake, super FAST! and if it doesn't bake right pretend it's a new recipe.
 (did not work)
2. Glue the cake together (Definitely would not work, unless I'm baking this cake for someone I don't like)
3.) Cry in the corner while eating my failed cake
None of those plans worked and then it hit me!  I should build my cake lying down! and so I did.
1.) Built it lying down and wrapped it super tight and froze it for a good half hour
2.) Removed the cake and made it stand (as pictured) since it is stable enough
3.) Masked the cake with buttercream
4.) Refrigerated the cake again
4.) Covered with fondant
5.) Doweled like crazy to support the structure
6.) Finished of the details
The cake held up! My chef's final review? She loved it and said she would definitely use the bag lol!
Thank goodness I didn't give up on this one or cried in the corner otherwise I would look like a fool eating cake. 




  1. What size of cake you baked? I have to feed 10 people and having hard time deciding which square size should I bake? Your cake is so cute!!.. I love this light pink color.

  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my page, I used a regular loaf pan to build the structure of this cake. The length of the loaf pan is true to the actual size of this handbag, so it is easier to build.