Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye School

Last week was my final week of school, and although a huge weight is off my shoulders now,  I know I will definitely miss it.  Going back to school to get training for something that I am really passionate about is definitely one of the best decisions of my life. It involved a lot of sacrifice time wise, money wise and at times health wise.   I wouldn't have done it without my family and friends support since they really encouraged me to just go for it and never look back.  This school opened so many wonderful opportunities for me and I've met so many wonderful people along the way.  I will always remember the stressful but fun projects, the family meals, the disaster cakes,  the late night train rides on the 6 with my classmates, the sleepless nights thinking about cake, etc.  It was definitely a great experience for me and I'm so glad I did it. But like everything in this world,  it has to end, and it is just up to me  to go out there and apply what I learned and show the world what I can offer.  I know it wont get any easier from here, no more chefs to ask  or to fix the problem, no more free materials, etc. I'm hoping for the best and excited for what's next, but right now, I'm just savoring this accomplishment.  All I can say is, my sleepless nights were definitely worth it.  

 During our graduation class photo.  Wonderful group of people! It was never a competition for us, each of us helped each other to get better at this craft and can always lean on each other for any type of help or support. (L-R) Joe, Vera, Susan Danielle, Myself, Stefania & Latisha
Back Row (Chef Cynthia & Chef Toni)
Finally got the hat!

 Cake peeps

Toasting to our success and for our future!


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