Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sugar Paste Flowers & Pastillage


Finally back again!  Last week, my husband and I moved to our new place so needless to say most of our stuff are still in boxes.  But, I'm very thrilled because I finally have space for myself to set up my workstation, steel tables and all so I'm very excited for that! The past couple of weeks  I started learning sugar paste flowers and pastillage. Two different techniques but a great addition to a cake decorators repertoire   I have to say, I love working with sugar paste but not so much on the pastillage. Sugar paste is great with flowers, modeling, etc. while pastillage is great for structures and it dries pretty fast, probably why I'm not a fan.   Here are some of the stuff I've been busy with,  sugar paste flowers bouquet in a vase made out of sugar and a castle pastillage.  Hope you like my take on it!


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