Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creme Chantilly With Fresh Strawberries

Here's a simple cake filling recipe that I would like to share with you guys, just in time for this hot weather season.  Ditch the buttercream frosting (although I still make my buttercreams pretty light!) and go with fruits and a simple homemade whipped cream recipe.
Tips: When using as cake filling make sure you REFRIGERATE the cake before serving at all times especially if you do not intend to serve it right away.  The recipe is light and leavened with air so it collapses and loses its volume if it is not chilled.
450 ml heavy cream
100 g powdered sugar
Vanilla (optional) to taste
Fruit of choice
Some good arm muscles for whisking
Just combine all ingredients and using a wire whisk and enormous amount of strength, whip it until it's at a slightly stiff peak consistency.
Once at a desired volume, mix with your fruit of preference and continue whipping.  In this case as shown in the picture, I used 2 tbsps. of strawberry compound to add more sweetness and fresh cut strawberries.  This is a perfect filling for White Cake or Angel Food Cake which I will post sometime soon. Enjoy!


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