Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Summer!

Summer is finally here! It's the season of sun, sand and lots of fun!  When I think about summer, I  always remember my childhood back in Cebu, Philippines. Although the place is hot year round, summer usually means no school and just going to the beach or pool while sipping mango shakes or  eating the Filipino dessert halo-halo.  It also means tons of vibrant colors and going to places to relax and have fun with my family.  This weeks cake project is all about summer, I collaborated with my classmate Latisha Johnson and we made sure that we  added elements that really capture what this season is all about.  Here's to a wonderful summer 2013 to everyone! I hope you get to go places that will amaze and inspire you, get a nice tan, relax or catch up on some reading, whatever it is that you will be doing, I hope you guys enjoy it to the fullest! :-) 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sugar Paste Flowers & Pastillage


Finally back again!  Last week, my husband and I moved to our new place so needless to say most of our stuff are still in boxes.  But, I'm very thrilled because I finally have space for myself to set up my workstation, steel tables and all so I'm very excited for that! The past couple of weeks  I started learning sugar paste flowers and pastillage. Two different techniques but a great addition to a cake decorators repertoire   I have to say, I love working with sugar paste but not so much on the pastillage. Sugar paste is great with flowers, modeling, etc. while pastillage is great for structures and it dries pretty fast, probably why I'm not a fan.   Here are some of the stuff I've been busy with,  sugar paste flowers bouquet in a vase made out of sugar and a castle pastillage.  Hope you like my take on it!
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Batman and Robin Cake

Last Saturday was my brother in law's birthday and in honor of his love for comic books and all things batman I decide to make him a Batman & Robin themed cake.  Cake is vanilla  with crème chantilly & fresh strawberries.  I hope he enjoyed this one.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creme Chantilly With Fresh Strawberries

Here's a simple cake filling recipe that I would like to share with you guys, just in time for this hot weather season.  Ditch the buttercream frosting (although I still make my buttercreams pretty light!) and go with fruits and a simple homemade whipped cream recipe.
Tips: When using as cake filling make sure you REFRIGERATE the cake before serving at all times especially if you do not intend to serve it right away.  The recipe is light and leavened with air so it collapses and loses its volume if it is not chilled.
450 ml heavy cream
100 g powdered sugar
Vanilla (optional) to taste
Fruit of choice
Some good arm muscles for whisking
Just combine all ingredients and using a wire whisk and enormous amount of strength, whip it until it's at a slightly stiff peak consistency.
Once at a desired volume, mix with your fruit of preference and continue whipping.  In this case as shown in the picture, I used 2 tbsps. of strawberry compound to add more sweetness and fresh cut strawberries.  This is a perfect filling for White Cake or Angel Food Cake which I will post sometime soon. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello June!

Happy Saturday everyone! It's finally June and I'm starting to feel the heat!  I have about 2 and 1/2 more months to go before I finish school, which I know will go by fast. But, to be quiet honest I really don't want it to end because I'm having so much fun.  So what's in store for June?  Keep an eye out for light, airy but still very delicious cake filling recipes that are perfect for those summer barbecues or midnight snacks.  I don't like eating heavily iced cakes during the summer so I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy what I have for you!