Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Royal Icing Techniques

So yesterday was a little bit of a challenge in school. I had a written exam and practical exam all in the same day, so I was kind of all over the place.
Anyway, for our practical we were asked to make a round cake covered in fondant with royal icing piping techniques. For my cake, I made an American Milk Sponge with Pistachio Buttercream filling
and for the design I used the cornelli lace, Swiss dots, snail trail, drop string and brush embroidery techniques. Not too happy with my brush embroidery, and it is definitely something I need to work on (My brush was acting up last night). I love working with royal icing though, especially since I'm learning a lot of piping techniques now. It also holds longer and doesn't melt fast like buttercream. It is however very sensitive to air and will dry out fast. So if you are thinking of using royal icing, make sure it's properly sealed and covered with a damp cloth to avoid crusting. I will post 2 kinds of royal icing recipe soon for you to try out!